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Volunteer Positions


Dates: Duration of event
Points: 3
  • Answer questions regarding the event
  • Track participants online
  • Keep track of all payments online
  • Organize drop-off, hanging, and pick-up (if applicable)


Dates: Duration of Event
Points: 1
  • Support chair for all event needs

Postcard/Publication Designer

Dates: Submitted to printer 2 months before exhibition
Points: 3
  • Call for images and image selection
  • For postcards: choose the best online print provider for 1000 cards. Color glossy front, B/W back.
  • Download the postcard template for your preferred software
  • Design postcard/marketing ad using your preferred softwareWPA Fonts
    • You must use san-serif fonts such as arial, helvetica, tahoma, etc. No serif fonts.
    • The WPA standard fonts are Roboto and Architects Daughter which can be downloaded for free.
    Front Design (Color)
    • Front must have a WPA Logo (click here to download one of our logos)
    • Front must provide Exhibit name, location (full address can be provided on the back), start and end dates of exhibit, and opening reception date
    • Call attention to the opening reception date/time
    • Be sure to include the artwork's artist and title
    Back Design (Black/White)
    • Back of card must contain all of the information provided on the front, full address of the event location, gallery hours (specify holiday hours if applicable), and our website address.
    • You must include our sponsor statement and logos which can be downloaded from our website.
    • If you are designing a postcard for the Membership Show promote the Trade Portfolio
  • Submit to event chair and continuity director (Ashley Salinas) for approval
  • Upload your final approved image to the online print provider.
  • Ship postcards directly to the label/mail volunteer.

Postcard Labeler/Mailer

Dates: Mailed at or around 2 weeks prior to exhibition
Points: 3
  • Purchase Avery mailing labels and stamps (postcard postage). Submit receipt for reimbursement
  • Receive postcards directly from printing company
  • Download mailing list from the WPA website
  • Print and attach labels to the postcards
  • Stamp and mail postcards

Publication Designer

Dates: Submissions are usually due around 2 weeks prior to exhibition
Points: 3
  • Contact the Austin Chronicle or other local publications for costs and submission procedures
  • Get approval from WPA board for ad purchasing
  • Call for images and image selection
  • Design ad using your preferred software
  • Submit to event chair and continuity director (Ashley Salinas) for approval
  • Submit design to publication

Online Marketing

Dates: Exhibition should be advertised the full week prior to the opening
Points: 1
  • Research available online advertising opportunities such as the Austin Chronicle Online, Craigslist, The Austin American Statesman Online, etc.
  • Get approval from the board before submissions. WPA is also open to fee-based advertising.
  • Write and submit event promotions. If images are allowed contact the Postcard/Publication Designer for a JPG version of print ads.

Inventory Manager

Dates: From intake to strike
Points: 2
  • Secure all items/materials needed during the setup/take down process (tool box, hanging supplies, cash box, receipt book, business cards for Title Tags, etc). Most items are available in the WPA storage unit. Contact the WPA chair to gain access. If certain materials are not available purchase it and submit the receipt to the Treasurer for reimbursement
  • Set out WPA business cards and brochures on a podium at the front of the exhibit (plastic display holders are available)
  • Gather all remaining supplies/materials after use

Intake Registrar

Dates: 3-5 days before opening
Points: 3
  • Set aside an evening after intake to accept work for members who are unable to make the provided intake schedule
  • Print intake packet from the WPA website the night before intake
  • Members must fill out an entry form, initial and sign each piece they are submitting, fill out and attach hang tags for EVERY piece.
  • Receive payment from participants (entry fees will no longer be accepted ahead of time from anyone other than out of town participants). Give yellow receipt to participant.
  • Hand off payments and white receipt to treasurer
  • Hand off pink receipt to Event Chair
  • Hand off all entry forms to Title Tag Volunteer.
  • Accept out-of-town submission mailed to your home.
  • Drop off submission at gallery on intake day
  • Collect out-of-town work on strike day and return to owner unless sold. (submission should be sent with return postage)

Out-Of-Town Registrar

Dates: Up to Intake date
Points: 2
  • Accept out-of-town submission mailed to your home.
  • Drop off submission at DAC on intake day
  • Collect out-of-town work on strike day and return to owner unless sold. (submission should be sent with return postage)

Hanging Team Leader

Dates: 2-3 days before opening
Points: 4
  • Lead hanging committee and be sure that all work is hung properly and looks good
  • Must have prior experience hanging a show

Hanging Committee

Dates: 2-3 days before opening
Points: 4
  • Inspect and correct any flaws in the exhibition walls. This includes puttying walls and repainting areas needed (exhibition space should provide this for you)
  • Get all hanging supplies/tools from Inventory Manager
  • Unwrap (keep all wrapping supplies for items to be returned by mail) and layout work as you would like it to hang. ONLY work with hang tags attached can be hung
  • Hang work making sure that hang tags are visible and easily removable

Set Lights

Dates: 2-3 days before opening
Points: 1
  • Set lights at the Dougherty Arts Center after hanging but prior to show opening
  • volunteer must have experience (if you would like to get experience you may assist this volunteer but it will not count towards a volunteer discount)

Title Tags/Final Inspection

Dates: 1-2 days before opening
Points: 2
  • Contact the Inventory Manager to obtain Avery Business Cards
  • Receive all entry forms from Intake Registrar. Entry forms will contain any changes or last minute entries.
  • ALL entries must be entered through the website. Contact the webmaster at webmaster@womenprintmakers.com to gain temporary access to member's online portfolios.
  • Go through each member's entry forms and submit their pieces to the exhibition online
  • Print the Title Tags through the WPA website
  • Using the hang tags attached to the hanging work match the Title Tags to the appropriate work
  • Attach Title Tag and remove the hang tag
  • Final inspection of all work. Make sure frames are level and glass/plexi is clean

Exhibition Inspector

Dates: 1 day before opening
Points: 2
  • Receive or bring hanging level and glass cleaner from Inventory Manager.
  • Make sure all work is hanging level, that all Title Tags are hung and match the piece, and that the glass is clean

Opening Manager

Dates: Opening Night
Points: 2
  • Manages all things related to the opening
  • Make sure podium at the front has brochures, WPA business cards, and price lists
  • Receive table cloths, punch bowl, guest book, etc from the Inventory Manager
  • Collaborate with Food Committee to purchase/bring items for the refreshment table (no alcohol)
  • Setup refreshment table at least one hour prior to opening

Sales Committee

Dates: From opening to exhibition end
Points: 3
  • You will be the contact for all sales/inquiries incurred during the exhibit.
  • Man the sales table (if applicable) during the opening
  • Accept payments for any sales (8.25% sales tax must be added to all sales) (yellow receipt to the customer)
  • Submit all payments and receipt book to the treasurer (payments do not go to the artist)
  • Accept any phone/email inquiries about work or artists exhibiting
  • Put buyer in contact with the artist so that they may coordinate the exchange. WPA is not responsible for any hand-off to the buyer.

Food Committee

Dates: Opening Night
Points: 2
  • Work directly with the Opening Manager to supply/set up refreshment table
  • Clean up refreshment table after opening

Printmaking Demonstration

Dates: Opening Night
Points: 2
  • Create a printmaking demonstration for opening night

Strike Committee

Dates: 1-2 days after exhibition end date
Points: 2
  • Print the either the price list or title tags from the WPA website.
  • Remove all work, hooks, Title Tags, etc. from the walls
  • Cross of EACH PIECE from the Strike document as the member picks them up
  • Take all remaining pieces to the WPA storage unit. DO NOT leave any work behind.