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WPA Trade Portfolio

Each year, the WPA has an annual exchange portfolio. Members determine the theme and are all encouraged to participate. When possible, we invite other printmaking organizations to participate in the trade. This enriches the experience for participants with the exchange of ideas and printmaking techniques from other printmaking communities.

Our Trade Portfolios

2017 Trade

2016 Games and Rituals

Print Trade/Weather Change

2014 Figurative

2013 Journeys

2012 Beyond Words

2011 On the Edge

2010 Wanderings of the Id, A Suite of Dreams/Nightmares

2009, Private Places, an Erotic Suite

2008, Blue

2007, Childhood Memories

2006, Dualities in the Natural World

2005, Self Portrait

2004, Women Water Sheep

2003, Everyday Objects

2002, River Gumbo

2001,Through the Window

2000, Seven Deadly Sins

1999, Algunas Beastias

1998, Wildflower

1996, Alphabet

How Does it Work?

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