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Shelby Solomon

Artist Statement

Drawing from personal experiences and memories, I create works in print and metal that are representative of my life, interests, and aesthetic. I find that I have an acute awareness of nostalgia (or maybe Iím just sensitive), and that most things I come in contact with trigger a memory of some sort, and I try to harness that feeling that tugs at my heartstrings in my work.

In the studio, I take these memories and fracture them to create compositions that have a sense of movement and challenge the viewer to create a narrative for the piece by reminiscing on their own lives. Using printmaking as a base, I incorporate mixed media techniques like collaging with found materials, drawing and painting with watercolor and ink washes to embellish and give the prints a sense of completion. I use digital art-making programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to alter my work in ways that I cannot do by hand, using them to corrupt and glitch files to create more interest. Using many different techniques in the same works has allowed me to experiment with abstraction and color.

In my most recent body of work, I took images of the exterior and interior of one of the four houses I grew up in and broke them apart as a visual representation of growing up and moving on. I view these works as self-portraiture, though none of it features my physical likeness.