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Reductive Block Printing: Save a Tree!

Achieve multi colored prints through stencils and reductive carving during this one day intensive. Learn registration techniques and watercolor effects with litho inks. Clean-up will be human and earth friendly.

Instructor: Lynne Hubner
A frequent print workshop instructor at WPA. Lynne specializes in relief printing in its many permutations. She was a featured artist for Print Houston's Rock in Rollin Prints in 2011, the first workshop presenter at Burning Bones Press in Houston and recently learned of her selection as instructor at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu NM October 2012. See more news and artwork at

When: September 15th from 10am-5pm
Where: The WPA Studio
$75 per student
Note: minimum of 3 participants required.

What to Bring:

Students should come prepared with at least two 8X10 images drawn or photocopied keep these images relatively simple so as to give you the opportunity to complete a mini edition by the end of class, color and graphite pencils, a set of carving tools( I will have a few students may borrow) , a ruler or T square, brayers of varying size if you have them, apron, small notebook for note taking. We will be carving cabinet grade Baltic birch plywood. I will have additional sheets of print paper available for $6 a sheet.


  1. Review drawings and simplify

  2. Transfer image to tracing paper

  3. Develop registration system for plate

  4. Prep wood plate

  5. Create stencils- question/answer demonstration

  6. print stencils with press

  7. Review reductive printing sequence- carve

  8. print open studio time

  9. critique- discussion

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Workshop Details
10:00 AM-5:00 PM
WPA Studio (1109 B Shady Lane - Studio 8)
Chair: Ashley Salinas
Total Entry Fee:  $75
Registration Fee:  $35
Non-refundable fee which is subtracted from your entry fee. Cancellation Policy
Participant Limit:  6
There are 1 spots remaining
9/8/2012: Deadline for Entry
Event Deadline
The deadline for this event (9/8/2012) has passed.