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Block Printing with Deborah McLouth/HIVE Collaboration

Block Printing by Deborah McLouth

Hand-pulled prints from hand-carved blocks. Also know as relief printing.

Part I: Materials, transferring images, carving and proofing:

Thursday, August 4, 7-9 pm

White Light Studio, 900 Vargas Rd

In Part I, participants will view a variety of prints and blocks, talk about the materials needed, learn how to transfer images to the blocks and begin carving on one or more.

$5 participation fee

Participants are encouraged to bring block printing supplies they already have such as

Xacto knife (#11blade) and lino cutters (Speedball has a moderately priced set).

The following supplies will be on hand for purchase for an additional $5:

4 x 5.5" EZ cut

4 x 6" unmounted linoleum

6 x 8” birch plywood

Part II: Papers, inks, barens and presses

Thursday, August 11, 7-9 pm

Bone Black Studio, 916 Springdale Rd, Bldg 3 #102

In Part IIparticipants will print their carved blocks using barrens and presses.

Inks, brayers, paper, barrens and presses will be provided. Participants should

bring carved blocks and a small package of baby wipes for hand cleaning.

$5 participation fee

How do I sign up for this Workshop?

The deadline to signup has passed. Deadline for Entry: 8/11/2016.

How do I withdrawal from this Workshop?

If you are a member click the "Withdrawal from Event" button in the "Participate" box on the right of this screen. If you are not a member please send an email to info@womenprintmakers.com to withdrawal from this event.

Cancellation Policy

Since we have limited space our events fill up quickly. If you need to cancel please let us know ASAP (email info@womenprintmakers.com) so we can fill your spot. 

This event requires the full amount must be paid in order to register.

If you cancel by 8/5/2016 (more than 5 days) you will receive a refund of $2.00 (half of the entry fee).
NO REFUNDS for cancellations after 8/5/2016.

Workshop Details
7:00 PM-9:00 PM
Chair: Deborah McLouth
Co-Chair: Carmen James
Event Deadline
The deadline for this event (8/11/2016) has passed.