Sharon Navage

Odessa, TX - Texas  Member Since: January 2004

On the Edge of the World

Medium: Relief/digital with collage
Plate/Image Size: 9 x 11
Edition Size: 15
BAT Date: 9/2011
Printer: Artist
Proofs: 1 APs  
Signature: sj navage - right bottom
Paper: stonehenge  11 x 15
Ink: charbonnell, akua, daniel smith relief
Three relief images printed with a digital image on stonehenge, collage items added and hand marks
Artist's Comments:
In process of building a studio and press is burried, so did the next best thing printed digital and relief. Makes this a very very varriable image. Each is similar, but not exact copy and and in some worlds this would not be considered an edition!
Exhibited in the following events:
2011 On the Edge
Saturday, December 03, 2011 - Friday, December 30, 2011
Sales & Contact Info
Price w/ Frame: $300.00
Price w/o Frame: $200.00

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