Sharon Navage

Odessa, TX - Texas  Member Since: January 2004

Gone Fishing V

Medium: 2 solar plate/variable
Plate/Image Size: 8 1/4 h x 6 1/4 w
Edition Size: 27
BAT Date: 10/2007
Printer: Artist
Proofs: 10 APs  
Signature: sj navage - right
Paper: White Stonehenge   11 x 15
Ink: graphic chemical/charbonnel
1. Fish in and out of the jar/ a postcard and a stamp gone fishing.
2. Background image is a photgraph of my painting and jar and text hand drawn and photoshoped
3. Stonehenge paper.
4. Stamped scanned and printed and hand colored with Unison pastels and water
5. Top Secret stamp and dragonfly stamp added becasue I can't resited funking with anything
6. Round stamps same brown mixture stamped with wine cork
7. Line added to stop the image
Artist's Comments:
Childhood memory of a fishing trip
Collecting postcards from vacations
Top Secrect notes and playing spy and a fascination with dragonflys
Exhibited in the following events:
Trade Portfolio 2007, Childhood Memories
Friday, November 30, 2007 - Monday, January 07, 2008
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