Angela Hayes

Round Tock, TX - Texas  Member Since: January 2004


Medium: Linocut
Plate/Image Size: 6 X 11
Edition Size: 29
BAT Date: 1/2006
Printer: Artist
Proofs: 0 APs  0 WPs  
Signature: Angela Hayes - back left side
Paper: Handmade Paper  6 X 11
Ink: Speedball block printing ink
Linocut with antique colors on handmade paper.
Artist's Comments:
It is the morning after a heavy snow storm and the trees are heavily laden but your path is clear. The day feels crisp, quiet and deep with peace.


I walk the path in darkness
and cannot see my way
The edge of a cliff is where I stand
found out almost to late
I faced the darkness without
To fight the darkness within
fear no longer binds me
I walk the path with faith
and faith lights my way
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

by Angela Hayes
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