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Who are the Women Printmakers of Austin (WPA)?

Women Printmakers of Austin (WPA) is an organization dedicated to encouraging women to actively pursue artistic expression through printmaking and to promote community through annual exhibits, regular meetings, and outreach projects. Our objective is to expand the audience for Fine Art Printmaking by increasing public awareness of historical traditions and contemporary techniques.

WPA Meetings

The WPA holds quarterly meetings to exchange ideas, show recent works, and plan upcoming events. Artists featured on the website are invited to present their work, and members are encouraged to plan topic discussions. A Board of Directors, elected annually and meeting quarterly, facilitates the business end of WPA, and member volunteers organize all WPA events and programs. Previous meeting topics include: Curating, Pricing and Archiving Prints, presented by three of WPA’s experienced members; Artist Resumes and Portfolios, presented by University of Texas Art Department; and What Galleries Seek in Exhibiting Artists, presented by DBerman Gallery, Austin. Meetings are open to all artists intersted in the organization.

When: Quarterly. Exact dates posted on the website, in the newsletter, and emailed to members in advance.
Where: The WPA Studio. Canopy Studios: 916 Springdale Road Bldg 3 #102
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

WPA Workshops

The WPA hosts both family-oriented outreach workshops at community events as well as techniquebased workshops for adults. Recent workshops included blueprint scarfs, solar plates, stratograph printing, drypoint, and monotype. Nationally recognized out-ofstate guest artist Gail Ayres, developer of the PinPress, facilitated our monotype workshop.

Ongoing Events/Exhibits

Trade Portfolio
Every year, participating members suggest and vote on a theme for the Trade Portfolio. Each participant creates a print following the theme and prints an edition of the total number of participants. Participating members turn in their edition and will, in turn, receive one print from each participant.
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Membership Show
A show of our members' recent works. Here's a sampling from our previous exhibitions: